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HDPE Bottle Washing Machine

HDPE Bottle Washing Machine Technical Features:

1. HDPE bottle washing machine is suitable for cleaning all kinds of high toughness plastic products with thickness between 1-25mm.
2. Adopt circulating water to control the flow and evaporation of water while ensuring the cleaning effect.
3. The crushing system adopts wear-resistant design to ensure long-term continuous operation of the system.
4. High-speed centrifugal cleaning system applies corresponding blade striking force to different materials with suitable speed to achieve ideal cleaning effect.
5. The cleaning trough roller adopts strong pressure underwater cleaning design to remove the residual impurities.
6. Centrifugal dewatering and hot air drying system can be equipped according to the water content set by production requirements.
7. After theoretical calculation and many times actual measurement, the mechanical operation details of crushing, cleaning and drying are adjusted to avoid material loss due to excessive processing volume.
8. The whole production line is automatically controlled, and the units in the system are interconnected to run. There is a pre-determination function for possible abnormal conditions to ensure system safety.

HDPE Bottle Washing Machine-fangsheng

HDPE Bottle Washing Machine Description:

The washing machine is automatically controlled, with compact structure arrangement, high production efficiency and good cleanliness.
This plastic machine is specially used for crushing, cleaning and drying of PE/PP film and PP woven bags, and can easily clean waste plastic products. Waste and dirty agricultural films, waste packaging materials and hard plastics can be treated step by step with this equipment.

The whole production line is used for crushing, cleaning, dewatering and drying PP/PE film and PP woven bags, which has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, high capacity, low energy consumption, safety and reliability, etc.

The washing line is used for cleaning and recycling of PE/PP film and PP woven bags. Together with the subsequent work of the line (granulation system), the washing line will make the waste PE/PP film, PP woven bag into PE/PP film, PP woven bag pellet material to produce new PE, PP film.

HDPE Washing Machine Video:

HDPE Washing Machine Detail:

HDPE Bottle Washing Machine-fangsheng
High-speed Friction Washer
HDPE Bottle Washing Machine-fangsheng
Crusher Machine
HDPE Bottle Washing Machine-fangsheng
Dewatering Machine
HDPE Bottle Washing Machine-fangsheng
Steam washer
HDPE Bottle Washing Machine-fangsheng
Label scfraping machine
HDPE Bottle Washing Machine-fangsheng
Label separator by air

HDPE Washing Machine Technical Parameter:

Name Motor power (kw) Dimension (mm) Water consumption (T/H) Stainless steel standard (mm) Electric standard
Belt conveyor 2.2 3500*900*3000 According to customers standard
Label scraping machine 11 2600*1200*1800 0.6-1.0 3-5
Manual separating machine 2.2 6000*800*1200
Metal detectory 0.4 2200*1200*1500 3-5
Belt conveyer 2.2 3500*900*3000
Crusher 37 2200*2200*3000 0.6-1.0
Screw converor 3 2800*800*2600 3-5
High speed friction washer 30 3200*1400*2000 1-2 3-5
Screw conveyer 3 2800*800*2600 3-5
Floating washer 3*2 5200*1700*2200 0.5-1.5 3-5
Screw conveyer 36 2800*800*2600 3-5
Steam washer 7.5 1800*1800*2700 0.5-1.5 3-5
Screw conveyer 3 2800*800*2600 3-5
Floating washer 3*2 5200*1700*2200 0.5-1.5 3-5
Screw conveyer 3 2800*800*2600 3-5
Dewatering machine 5.5 800*2200*2200 5
Drying system 11 3500*2200*2200 3-5
Label separater 4 800*1100*3800
Storage hopper 1500*1500*3800
Electric elements 2000*450*1780

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