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How to Use Plastic Granulation Machine

The service life of the plastic granulation machine, the quality of the product, and the level of production efficiency are closely related to the manufacturing quality and the selection of specifications and models. But how to use the plastic granulation machine correctly?

How to Use Plastic Granulation Machine-fangsheng

1. The corresponding supporting equipment on the plastic granulation line and the production capacity of each machine must be matched, so that each piece of equipment can fully play its role, so that the various equipment on the granulation line can work in coordination.

How to Use Plastic Granulation Machine-fangsheng

2. The specifications and models of the plastic granulation line should be selected according to the product specifications. If a large-size plastic pellet machine is used to produce smaller-size products; it is necessary to increase power consumption and speed up the loss of the plastic pellet machine; increase the manufacturing cost of the product, which is a wasteful production plan that does not require economic accounting.

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