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PP Film Granulation System

PP Film Granulation System Description:

There are two types of  PP film granulation system. Single-stage plastic pelletizer with die face cutting system, used to clean industrial waste PE film and PP shopping bags. There is also a two-stage plastic granulator with a die face cutting system for washing recycled PE film and PE shopping bag materials. Two-stage work is more stable and produces cleaner and higher-density particles.

PP Film Granulation System-fangsheng

PP Film Granulation System Features:

1, Compact feeder: the use of hydraulic system, compact hopper openings, glass Windows and lights can check the internal working conditions; At the bottom of the barrel, the temperature of the water cooling system is controlled by a solenoid valve. The barrel contact materials are all made of stainless steel.

2. Single screw extruder: Single screw extruder made of solid frame. PP film granulation machine running without vibration; The gearbox is installed, and the entire rack of motors and screws is finished milling. The frame is made of square tubes and thick steel at the top.

3. Hydraulic screen changer: double plate model made of 38CrMnAl forging, heat treatment will not be deformed after heating.

4. Vertical die-cutting system: frequency converter to adjust the cutting speed

The mould is made of 38CrMoAla material, which has been forged, surface nitriding and polished.

PP Film Granulation System Application:

PP Film Granulation System-fangsheng

PP Film Granulation System Video:

PP Film Granulation Line Technical Parameter:


FS series single-stage granulator machine
Model Extruder Screw diameter(mm) L/D ratio Power(kw) Productivity(PE)(kg/h) Productivity(PP)(kg/h)
FSJ70 70/33 φ70 33:1 110 110-150 100-130
FSJ85 85/33 φ85 33:1 150 180-250 150-200
FSJ100 100/33 φ100 33:1 210 280-350 250-300
FSJ130 130/33 φ130 33:1 300 480-550 400-480
FSJ160 160/33 φ160 33:1 370 650-750 550-650
FSJ180 180/33 φ180 33:1 460 800-1000 750-850
FS series double-stage granulator machine
Model FSJ100/120 FSJ130/130 FSJ160/160 FSJ180/200
First extruder parameter
Screw diameter(mm) φ100 φ130 φ160 φ180
L/D ratio 33 33 30 30
Extruder motor(kw) 90 132 185 250
Heating power(kw) 45 55 70 70
Screw speed(RPM) 0-120 0-120 0-120 0-120
Second extruder parameter
Screw diameter(mm) φ120 φ130 φ160 φ200
L/D ratio 10-15 10-15 10-15 10-15
Extruder motor(kw) 30 45 55 75
Heating power(kw) 30 35 45 60
Screw speed(RPM) 0-120 0-120 0-120 0-120
Productivity(kg/h) 250-350 400-550 500-700 800-1000

PP Film Granulation Line Detail:

PP Film Granulation System-fangsheng
Detail 1
PP Film Granulation System-fangsheng
Detail 2
PP Film Granulation System-fangsheng
Detail 3

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