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PP Woven Bag Granulating System

PP Woven Bag Granulating System Description:

PP woven bag granulating system is mainly used for the regeneration and granulation of PP PE woven bags, and woven bag granulating machine is suitable for the regeneration and granulation of broken pieces of woven bags after washing and crushing. PP woven bag granulator adopts double-stage single-screw, two-stage filtration, clean particles, first-stage high-temperature plasticization vacuum exhaust, second-stage low-speed, low-temperature, high-torque extrusion, and granulation.

PP Woven Bag Granulating System-fangsheng

PP Woven Bag Granulating Line Operation Process:

1. Before starting the woven bag granulator, the temperature should be raised for about 40 to 50 minutes. Raise the temperature to the point where you pull the motor V-belt with your hand until it feels free; pull it eight to ten times in succession according to the normal rotation direction. Then continue to heat up for ten minutes, and then turn on the machine, but continue to heat up, because the normal production needs to continue to add heat; according to different properties of plastics to adjust different temperatures.
2. When the woven bag granulating machine is in normal operation, the temperature of the machine should be stable and not high and low. The air vents are close to each other until the temperature of the machine head is maintained at around 200°C (referring to material C and material B).
3. Feeding should be even and sufficient. The feeding speed and feeding speed of the machine should cooperate properly. Otherwise it will affect the quality and output value of the pellets.
4. When stopping, the host must completely cut off the power supply. It is necessary to remove the screw plug of the machine head (some with a wrench). It will be preheated separately before the next use.

PP Woven Bag Granulating Line Application:

PP Woven Bag Granulating System-fangsheng

PP Woven Bag Granulating Line Video:

Learn more about YouTube’s PP woven bag granulating line

PP Woven Bag Granulating Machine Detail:

PP Woven Bag Granulating System-fangsheng
Detail 1
PP Woven Bag Granulating System-fangsheng
Detail 2
PP Woven Bag Granulating System-fangsheng
Detail 3

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