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Waste Film Cleaning Line

Waste Film Cleaning Line Description:

Currently, traditional cleaning technology for waste plastics is mostly used in the plastics recycling industry. The cleaning medium is water or water and detergent. Depending on the type of waste film cleaning line contamination, the specific cleaning methods are different. The cleaning of agricultural films and packaging materials includes the processes of degreasing and cleaning, high-speed friction, cold washing and drying. The cleaning of toxic drug containers includes neutralization, disinfection, solution cleaning, high-speed friction, cold washing, drying, etc.Waste Film Cleaning Line-fangsheng

Waste Film Cleaning Line Instruction:

Water cleaning technology is a more mature technology widely used in China at present. The recovered pellets are of high purity and can be used as raw materials for high quality plastic products. However, the high operating cost caused by repeated crushing and cleaning is the main drawback of this technology. In addition, the large amount of wastewater generated during the cleaning process causes secondary pollution to the environment, and the subsequent treatment costs are also high.

Film dry cleaning technology has become a research direction for the waste plastics recycling industry. Film dry cleaning technology does not use water as the medium, but generally uses air as the cleaning medium, so the machine does not produce waste water, which greatly reduces secondary pollution and saves water resources at the same time. In film dry cleaning technology, the combination of cleaning and separation of impurities can remove impurities from waste films and improve the purity of recycled pellets.

Waste Film Line Application:

Waste Film Cleaning Line-fangsheng

Waste Film Line Video:

Waste Film Line Technical Parameter:

Name Motor power (kw) Dimension (mm) Water consumption (T/H) Stainless steel standard (mm) Electric standard
Belt conveyor 2.2 4500*690 According to customers standard
Wet crusher 75 2-4
Friction washer 2.2*2 3000*300 1-2 3-5
Floating washer 2.2*2+1.5 4500*1300 2-4 3-5
Screw conveyor 2.2 2500*250 1-2 3-5
High-speed friction washer 30 2-4 3-5
Screw converor 2.2 2800*300 1-2 3-5
Dewatering machine 75 5
Drying system 36
Storage hopper for transition
Drying system 36
Storage hopper 2.2*2

Waste Film Line Detail:

Waste Film Cleaning Line-fangsheng
High-speed Friction Washer
Waste Film Cleaning Line-fangsheng
Dewatering Machine
Waste Film Cleaning Line-fangsheng
Crusher Machine

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