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ABS Hard Plastic Recycling Washing and Pelletizing Machine Line

The ABS Recycling Machine can recycle,crush and wash waste ABS plastic and other hard materials.The processed plastic can be granulated.But it is different from the general plastic recycling washing line.

Because this ABS plastic is covered with cement, it is difficult to remove with a general plastic recycling washing machine.Therefore, FangSheng Machinery added a vibrating screen between the shredder and the crusher.

First the ABS plastic is initially shredded by a shredder.

Then the cement attached to the raw materials is screened out by a vibrating screen.

Finally, it is crushed in the crusher and sent to the washsing tank for washing.

The cleaned ASB raw materials are fed into the plastic granulator for granulation through the automatic feeding machine.

This is the process of the entire ABS recycling machine system.

Due to the particularity of the raw materials, the entire line of machines is specially customized.

ABS Hard Plastic Recycling Washing and Pelletizing Machine Line-fangsheng


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