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  • Dewatering Machine
PP PE PET Dewatering Machine

This dewatering machine can delete the water of PP PE film / flake, PET flake and make them dry.


Category: Plastic Dewatering Machine

Dewatering Machine Description:

This dewatering machine can delete the water of PP PE film / flake, PET flake and make them dry. The high speed rotary(reach 1200rpm)can delete 98% of water in film. This dewatering machine equipped with automatic cleaning device, can automatic cleaning inner screen,realize non-stop running for a long time. This dewatering machine made of stainless steel (304).

PP PE PET Dewatering Machine-fangsheng


1. Screen using high quality stainless steel material, rotor and body, equipment is durable.

2. Production of advanced technology, the spindle through dynamic and static balance, rational design, low noise, easy to clean, you can easily open the body, remove dryer internal sieve impurities.

3. Dewatering machine has good dewatering effect, less power consumption and efficiency, continuous production, high degree of automation, saving.

4. In addition to dehydration, can wash the plastic micro-small debris such as sand.

Technical Parameter:

Motor power 55kw
Rotating speed 1480rpm
Diameter of sieve 3mm
With cleaning brush 2.2kw
Bearing SKF made in France
The contact part with the material stainless steel 3mm SUS304
Capacity 1500kg/h for PET flakes
Weight ~2500kgs
With movable friction pads on the shaft
With dynamic balance treatment for the rotor
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