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  • Plastic Crusher
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Plastic Crusher

The plactic crusher is mainly used for PET bottle and HDPE bottle crushing. Plastic bottle crusher has horizontal structure.


Category: Plastic Crusher Machine

Plastic Crusher Description:

Plastic shredder is used in waste PET/PE/PP/HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE plastic bottles, plastic films (stretch films, packaging films, agricultural films, etc.), plastic bags (woven bags, extra large bags, snake bags, shopping bags, etc.) ), plastic buckets, plastic containers, plastic blocks, plastic chairs, etc. Plastic crusher has horizontal structure.

Plastic Crusher-fangsheng


1. The plastic crusher adopts Advanced structure and drive design, strong crushing capacity

2. High and steady quality, long duration

3. Program control, over-load protection, automatic reset

4. The moving cutting knife stand is a step designing to make cutting force resolve and increase the cutting force times.

5. The installation of the cutting tool can be adjusted. The cutting tool can be sharpened again and again, its use life is very long.



Technical Parameter:

Model PC800
Motor power 45KW
Type Wet/Dry Crusher
Diameter of water-jet pipe 1.5inch*2
Quantity of rotary blades 2pcs*5
Quantity of fixed blades 2pcs*2
Material of blades SKD11
Size of rotor 800*550mm
Size of mesh 80mm for film/15mm for rigid (optional)
Open top motor 0.37KW
Rotor Heat treatment and Dynamic balance
Capacity for PE film/PP woven bags 200-400kg/h
Capacity for PET bottles 300-500kg/h
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