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Plastic Squeezer

FSP-500 plastic squeezer is used for dewatering drying and pelletizing washed PE LDPE HDPE PVC film/ PP woven bags.


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Plastic Squeezer Description:

FSP-500 plastic squeezer is used for dewatering drying and pelletizing washed PE LDPE HDPE PVC film/ PP woven bags. After squeezer, the final product is small plastic pellet(the moisture ≤1%) can put into extruder directly. Plastic squeezer machine save 3 machines after washing line compare with the traditional recycling line. Save one dewatering machine,one drying system,and one agglomerator. So plastic squeezing machine is a economical and necessary machine for the PP PE recycling pelletizing line.

Plastic Squeezer-fangsheng

Plastic Squeezing Machine Advantages:

1. Plastic squeezing machine is Fangsheng Machinery designed machine, made by the advanced Italian techniques, specially screw pressing dewatering design;

2. Plastic squeezing machine is equipped with an electric control cabinet, feeder mouth is easy to control the drying effect;

3. Plastic squeezing machine is especially for plastic film, plastic bags, woven bags, Jumbo bags. Solve the drying problem in the past.

4. Instead of the dewatering machine, hot blower in the recycling line.

5. Easy to operate, drying effect can reach to 97%-98%.

Plastic Squeezing Machine Video:

Plastic Squeezing Machine Technical Parameter:

Motor power 55KW.frequency control
Diameter 206-180mm
Speed of screw 60-70rpm
Gear box 250.hard finishing treatment
Screw and barrel cone-shaped by specially designed
Diamensions 2600*1900*1800mm
Moisture <5%
Capacity 400-500kg/h
With electric control panel TECO inverter.Schneider contactors

Plastic squeezing Machine Detail:

Plastic Squeezer-fangsheng
Detail 1
Plastic Squeezer-fangsheng
Detail 2
Plastic Squeezer-fangsheng
Detail 3
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