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How to Choose Plastic Pelletizing Machine

How to Choose Plastic Pelletizing Machine:

For recycled plastics companies, how to choose a suitable plastic pelletizing machine is very important. Ordinary granulators can recycle and granulate plastics in daily life, but like some special plastics (such as engineering plastics, composite polyethylene, spun yarn, etc.); special plastic pelletizing machine are required for recycling and granulation. Therefore, manufacturers must pay attention to the following points when purchasing a plastic pelletizing machine:

1. Points from the purchase manufacturer:

At present, there are about three types of customers on the market buying pelletizers. They are invested and started by individuals or private companies. Plastic manufacturers buy pelletizers to solve the remaining problems in their factories. Then there are distributors and traders. For customers of individuals or private entrepreneurs, when purchasing plastic pelletizer, the type of plastic produced by the company must be clarified.

How to Choose Plastic Pelletizing Machine-fangsheng

Ordinary pelletizers can only recycle and produce general-purpose plastics based on PP and PE, which are also common plastic raw materials in the plastic market. The PS foam market is relatively small. If the sales channels of special plastics are clear, users can also purchase corresponding pelletizers.

2. From the performance of the plastic pelletizer machine:

According to the number of screws, plastic pelletizer can be divided into single-screw pelletizer and twin-screw pelletizer. When the single-screw granulator is working, the plastic is conveyed forward in a spiral in the barrel. When the twin-screw plastic pelletizer machine is working, the plastic is conveyed forward in a straight line in the barrel.

According to the working principle, when the twin-screw plastic pelletizer machine is stopped, the materials in the machine can be basically emptied, while the single-screw machine can store a small amount of residual materials. Most plastics can be pelletized, single screw and twin screw can be used at will.

How to Choose Plastic Pelletizing Machine-fangsheng

In the manufacture of recycled plastics, the single-screw plastic pelletizer machine is more effective due to the larger surface of the screen changing die and easier blanking. When manufacturing modified plastics, masterbatch and mixed color pumping, the effects of the two machines are equally good. When manufacturing elongated glass fiber and submarine cross-linked cable materials, only twin-screw pelletizers can be used.

In addition, in terms of machinery purchase costs and later production costs, the opportunity for single-screw granulators is much lower, while twin-screw granulators are at a significant disadvantage. Therefore, when purchasing equipment, you need to choose the corresponding equipment according to the different products produced by the enterprise.

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