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PE Bottle Recycling Line

PE Bottle Recycling Line Instruction:

For most people, PE bottle recycling line means placing your plastic bottles such as the common water bottle, soda bottle, oil bottles, and other similar products into the blue recycling bin. For some, PE bottle recycling means bringing the bottles to a recycling center near you. While this simple gesture of “PET bottle recycling” is accurate to some extent, many more steps are involved before PET bottles can truly be recycled, processed into a new product such as polyester fiber, PET sheets/boards, or back into a PET bottle.
PE Bottle Recycling Line-fangsheng

What is a PE Bottle Recycling Line?

PE bottle recycling line is a system that allows package materials, plastic, and beverage bottles to be brought into production again by several processes with the purpose of revaluation (utilization). The recycling line, which consists of various machines, functions to separate waste and prevent unnecessary use of these resources.
When the produced pet bottles become waste in the garbage over time, they can be used again by means of recycling plants.With the advanced technology machines in the line, we become your best solution partner in the operations you will carry out to protect the earth and create a livable world.

PE Bottle Line Video:

PE Bottle Line Detail:

PE Bottle Recycling Line-fangsheng
High-speed Friction Washer
PE Bottle Recycling Line-fangsheng
Crusher Machine
PE Bottle Recycling Line-fangsheng
Dewatering Machine
PE Bottle Recycling Line-fangsheng
Steam washer
PE Bottle Recycling Line-fangsheng
Label scfraping machine
PE Bottle Recycling Line-fangsheng
Label separator by air

PE Bottle Line Technical Parameter:

Name Motor power (kw) Dimension (mm) Water consumption (T/H) Stainless steel standard (mm) Electric standard
Belt conveyor 2.2 3500*900*3000 According to customers standard
Label scraping machine 11 2600*1200*1800 0.6-1.0 3-5
Manual separating machine 2.2 6000*800*1200
Metal detectory 0.4 2200*1200*1500 3-5
Belt conveyer 2.2 3500*900*3000
Crusher 37 2200*2200*3000 0.6-1.0
Screw converor 3 2800*800*2600 3-5
High speed friction washer 30 3200*1400*2000 1-2 3-5
Screw conveyer 3 2800*800*2600 3-5
Floating washer 3*2 5200*1700*2200 0.5-1.5 3-5
Screw conveyer 36 2800*800*2600 3-5
Steam washer 7.5 1800*1800*2700 0.5-1.5 3-5
Screw conveyer 3 2800*800*2600 3-5
Floating washer 3*2 5200*1700*2200 0.5-1.5 3-5
Screw conveyer 3 2800*800*2600 3-5
Dewatering machine 5.5 800*2200*2200 5
Drying system 11 3500*2200*2200 3-5
Label separater 4 800*1100*3800
Storage hopper 1500*1500*3800
Electric elements 2000*450*1780
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