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China-PE Film Double-Stage Pelletizing Machine

The PE film pelletizing machine is ordered by a customer from Dalian, China.It is a double-stage direct feeding pelletizing line with die face cutting.

The PE film pelletizing machine is suitable for pelletizing clean PP PE plastic,such as plastic film, ton bag, agricultural film, greenhouse film, woven bag,etc.

Because the raw material is already broken, it can be fed directly into the extruder.

After heating in the main extruder, the raw materials are sent to the auxiliary extruder for continued heating.

The advantage of double-stage granulator machine  is that it can better remove impurities and moisture.

Then, the pellets cut by the blade are cooled in the water ring and sent to the dehydrator for dehydration.

Finally, after the pellets are screened through the vibration sieve, they are sent to the silo through the air delivery system.

The plastic pellets produced by the plastic film granulator machine have beautiful appearance, full and uniform particles, no pores and low water content.

The plastic film pelletizing line is mainly composed of: conveyor belt, ,main single screw extruder, auxiliary single screw extruder,non-stop hydraulic screen changer, water ring cutting, vibrating screen, dehydrator, air delivery system, siloand other components.

China-PE Film Double-Stage Pelletizing Machine-fangsheng

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