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Pet Bottle Washing Line

The pet bottle washing line is used for recycling and washing of waste pet bottles.

PET is a very common plastic in our daily life. PET plastic has a wide range of uses, so its recycling market is huge, and PET bottle recycling has high commercial value.

Generally, the recycled PET bottles will be packaged into bottle bricks.

Pet Bottle Washing Line Workflow:

First, we need to use a depackaging machine to disassemble the bottle bricks into bottles, and then send them into the drum screen.

In the drum screen, the bottle caps on the PET bottles will be peeled off, and then the PET bottles without bottle caps will be sent to the label remover to remove the labels on the bottles.

Pet Bottle Washing Line-fangsheng

The bottles without the bottle caps and labels will be sent to the manual sorting platform through a belt conveyor, where the bottles that do not meet the specifications will be manually screened out to improve the quality of the final product.

The plastic bottles that meet the specifications are sent to the crusher to be crushed into bottle flakes, and then enter the washing step.

Pet Bottle Washing Line-fangsheng

After being washed in the rinse tank, the PET bottle flakes are sent to the dehydrator for dehydration, and then the bottle flakes will be sent to the steamer for hot washing.

This step can improve the degree of cleaning and improve product quality, especially if you want to produce food-grade PET bottle flakes, this step is necessary.

After the bottle flakes are cleaned, the remaining labels can be screened out by the wind vane machine, and finally the required PET bottle flakes can be screened out by the color sorter.

Pet Bottle Washing Line Application:

PET plastic is a very commonly used plastic in our daily life, especially in food packaging, it has a very strong recycling value.

Therefore, more and more people are starting to upgrade recycling equipment and output to improve the quality of PET bottle flakes.

High-quality bottle flakes are very popular and have higher value, so for a long time in the future, the market for PET bottle flakes will continue to expand, and there will be greater demand for high-quality PET bottle flakes.



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