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PET Granules Making Machine

PET Granules Making Machine Description:

PET granules making machine is applied in PET waste flakes pelletizing field.Through extrusion, cutting and dry process, the waste bottle will become to be pellets. PET pellets are widely used in plastic industry, like sheet, and profile production.

PET Granules Making Machine-fangsheng

From feeding system to final products, Fangsheng Machinery can design and work out a complete system to satisfy all of your production requirements. Fangsheng Machinery will provide you with PET granules pelletizing system in good quality and price as per your requirements.

Water Tank + Supporting bracket with rack and blowers: Water tank is mainly used to cool down the plastic strips and to maintain its shape. The blowers are used to dehydrate.

There is a layer of material that is water-absorbing on the supporting bracket. This design improves the efficiency of dehydrating and avoids the scene of water splash to everywhere.

PET Granules Making Equipment Process Flow:

Conveying feeding→metal detector → parallel twin screw extruder → bipolar vacuum exhaust system → hydralic screen exchanger → material outing mould → water tank → drying system → cutting granulating unit → storage hopper

PET Granules Making Machine Application:

PET Granules Making Machine-fangsheng

PET Granules Making Equipment Video:

Learn more about YouTube’s PET granules making equipment

PET Granules Making Equipment Technical Parameter:

PET Flake Pelletizing Line
Model Power(kw) Screw Diameter(mm) L/D Capacity(kg/h)
FST75B 200 71.8 40 400-500
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