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PP Plastic Recycling Machine

Polypropylene (PP) is one of the important general-purpose plastics. With the development of industries such as construction, automobiles, home appliances, and packaging, waste PP has become one of the most widely produced waste polymer materials in recent years.

As an efficient and environmentally friendly equipment, the pp plastic recycling machine can crush and wash waste PP plastic. The cleaned PP plastic can be used for granulation, injection molding, etc.

The PP plastic recycling washing line is an equipment that crush and wash waste PP plastic.Mainly used to process: plastic bags, plastic films, woven bags, ton bags, plastic barrels, etc.

The device has the following technical features:

1:Efficient cleaning, can clean stains on the surface of waste plastics
2:Energy saving and environmental protection, reducing energy consumption and pollution
3:Intelligent crushing, choose different crushing equipment according to raw materials
4:Efficient dehydration, reducing the moisture content of the finished product, optional squeeze dryer for further dehydration

PP Plastic Recycling Machine-fangsheng

The washed PP plastic can be used to make granules, and the granules can be used to make plastic products, such as plastic pipes, plastic bags, plastic parts, etc.

PP Plastic Recycling Machine-fangsheng

With the continuous advancement of waste resource utilization technology, the recycling and reuse of waste pp plastic will become a trend, and the market potential of pp plastic recycling equipment is huge.For a long time, plastic recycling will still be a very important part of environmental protection.

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